Power at Play - Laureus Sport for Good Award Shortlist

Laureus Sport for Good Shortlist
The shortlist for this year’s Laureus Sport for Good Award contains six programmes which are changing the world through sport. 
One night in Madrid. Forty-two Nominees. Some of the greatest athletes in the world. But at the heart of the Laureus World Sports Awards is a wider movement, and even when the world is watching this unique celebration of sporting greatness, there is a place on the same stage for the young people who belong to that movement. 

Laureus Sport for Good supports over 300 programmes across the world through funding, training and other assistance – each one provides children and young people with a safe space to connect with their community and develop a diverse range of skills in a safe and supportive environment.

In celebrating and recognising the unique power of sport as a force for good, Laureus shares common ground with our partner, the United Nations. Its International Day of Sport for Development and Peace (IDSDP) on April 6 presents an opportunity to showcase the power sport can have on the advancement of human rights, as well as social and economic development. 

The theme for IDSDP 2024 is Sport for the Promotion of Peaceful and Inclusive Societies and the programmes on the Laureus Sport for Good Award shortlist are part of a global collective effort to improve lives through the unique power of sport.
Laureus Sport for Good Shortlist
The projects shortlisted for this year’s Laureus Sport for Good Award include Fundación Rafa Nadal, which uses sport and education to empower over 1,000 vulnerable young people in Spain and India.

The organisation – founded in 2010 by former Laureus Award winner Rafael Nadal and his mother, Ana María – focuses on fostering educational values such as team spirit, respect and effort through participation in physical activity, while breaking down barriers to social inclusion by providing equal access to opportunities for all of its beneficiaries.
Our second shortlisted programme, ISF Cambodia, aims to provide a route out of poverty for young people living in urban slums and rural communities across the nation. The charity’s Football Programme enables disadvantaged children to take part in organised sport and allows them to develop vital transferable life skills such as leadership and decision-making in preparation for employment. 

Positive societal change in the local community is the goal of the third programme on the shortlist for the Laureus Sport for Good Award. Dancing Grounds, based in New Orleans, USA, connects dance with creativity and social justice issues. The group provides a platform for people of all ages to showcase their artistic talents in an accessible, inclusive environment, while promoting a culture which encourages individual and collective responsibility. 
Also shortlisted is Justice Desk Africa, a programme using sport to help youth in South Africa understand and defend their human rights.

Its focus is on ending gender-based violence and rape in vulnerable communities by providing empowerment sessions and mental health support to girl survivors. Through its work with boys, the programme also aims to create develop positive male role models who can be active participants in a changing culture which promotes justice for all.

Our next shortlisted project, Obiettivo Napoli, works with over 100 boys and girls facing social exclusion and economic difficulties in Naples, Italy. 

This transformative programme tackles violence and discrimination in the city by using sport to bring young people together and, with the support of dedicated coaches and educators, aspires to build a safer, fairer community in which its youth can thrive.
Laureus Sport for Good Shortlist
Our final shortlisted programme, Bola Pra Fente, connects sport, culture, and education to support children and teens as they work towards fulfilling their dreams in life.

The group provides young people living in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, with the essential tools required to enhance understanding of their rights and values, in addition to developing beneficial socio-economic skills vital to securing future employment.

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