Sven Kueenle is one of the most successful freestyle skiers on the scene. He has been on snow since he was three years old, be it as a racer until the age of 14, and later evolving from top freestyle skier into a world class freerider his drive and passion for skiing led him to become one of the first professional European freeskiers, and he subsequently appeared in countless international freeski films over the course of his career.

It all started at a young age of 3 when he first stood on skis. Ever since then, all he wanted to do is go skiing. Being in the mountains and the snow has always filled him with such joy that he was driven and dedicated to put all of his energy towards this passion.
At the age of 6, when being asked, he announced that he wanted to be a skier, a pilot and a farmer.
After a short ski racing career from 9 - 14, he became inspired by his snowboarding friends and wanted to adapt their way of riding to his form of skiing.
In 2000 he started freeskiing and new right then that this is what he wanted to do.
In 2001 K2 became his first ski sponsor and after successfully competing in numerous competitions he soon added Red Bull and Oakley to his Sponsors list and his professional skiing career was born.
In 2003 he finished high school and left Europe for North America where he got to ski with his idols JP Auclair, Julien Regnier, Anthony Boronowski, Pep Fujas and more.
This is when he was introduced to the filming world and he soon realized that he wanted to put his focus towards ski movies and filming in the Backcountry.

It's great to be there when the spark jumps over to the children. As soon as we start the games, there is no shyness, no thinking. Everyone just has the same interest, always has fun and forgets everything around it.


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