Founded under the Patronage of Nelson Mandela, Laureus Sport for Good uses sport as a powerful and cost-effective tool to help children and young people overcome violence, discrimination and disadvantage in their lives.
Over the past two decades, we have developed a global network of grantee partners and a worldwide charitable infrastructure. We have also developed a depth of understanding and corresponding credibility in our field and are recognised as a leading organisation in the fast-growing Sport for Development community.
Every Time Sport Defeats Inequality, Everyone Wins

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areas of Focus

Today, Laureus Sport for Good is supporting more than 200 programmes in 40 countries. All the organisations we fund use sport as a tool or intervention to combat violence, discrimination and disadvantage faced by young people.
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Areas Of Focus
In order to achieve real impact on the ground, we have focused our efforts and resource around those of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which we believe sport can most effectively be used to achieve. We invest in programmes which are aimed at achieving outcomes for children and young people in one or more of the following six SDG-related social focus areas:

Working in Partnership

Laureus Sport for Good walks closely alongside its partners. As well as providing funding, we help the organisations with which we are working to identify the areas where they need training and development, and we work with them to ensure they get what they need, from support in financial controls to developing stronger child protection policies.
Working In Partnership
We also help organisations to develop tools to measure the impact of what they are doing. That is not as simple as monitoring how good the kids become at sport, because of course sport is not the point. Sport is simply the tool. We are interested in the social impact of the programme –. have children attended school regularly, how are they performing, have they managed to avoid involvement in crime, did they get a job interview, did they get the job? Those are the important things, and we help our partners to understand how to track them. Our transformative work is championed by the Laureus Academy, made up of over 60 globally recognised legends of sport, along with many more Laureus Ambassadors.

Sharing Knowledge

We bring organisations together across the globe so that they can learn from each other. A football programme in Nairobi will have experience which could be useful for one using athletics to reach marginalised youth in New Orleans, to kids playing judo in Naples.
Sharing Knowledge
But if no-one connects the organisations and helps them to identify the areas they have in common and how they can share their knowledge, those conversations simply would not happen. That means each organisation would have to invent everything for itself from scratch time and again, taking the long route.
We believe sustainable funding is about more than writing a cheque from one organisation to another. We believe in building partnerships that see different cross-sector funders come together to support programmes both with their short-term needs and their long-term ambitions in mind.
We commission research, using the data and information we get from individual programmes to help to build stronger programme curricula; helping to identify the DNA of successful programmes to that they can be scaled and replicated. In the end, we want more children and young people’s lives to be transformed through sport, and we are committed to supporting family of programmes in this common goal.

Laureus Sport for Good Foundation is a charitable company limited by guarantee and registered in England and Wales. Company number 05083331, and a registered Charity number 1111364. Registered office: 15 Hill Street, London W1J 5QT.
Trustees: Nawal El Moutawakel, Sean Fitzpatrick, Guy Sanan, Missy Franklin
Members: Rupert Brooks, Alan Grieve
Company Secretary: Nicholas Garside

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