Everyone Wins isn’t just a phrase.

It’s a hope - and a belief.

Thanks to the work of Laureus Sport for Good it’s also a reality for thousands of young people around the world who have seen their lives transformed by the power of sport.

Help us to make a difference


The answer is in more than 250 programmes Laureus Sport for Good supports in over 40 countries. Working year-round, these programmes help improve the lives of young people through sporting activities which are adapted to tackle social issues and injustice.

On one level young people can win on the playing field and in the sports hall against sporting rivals; but they can also beat other opponents in their daily life, such as violence, discrimination and disadvantage. #EveryoneWins

Every Time Sport Defeats Inequality, Everyone Wins

Stealing home: Changing lives through baseball
For youth in underserved communities in Chicago’s South Side, the sport of baseball is about more than home runs and strikeouts. Through the Lost Boyz programme, kids growing up in one of the dangerous areas in one of the most violent cities in the United States are proving that when young people use sport to overcome violence, everyone wins. “Our job is to break down barriers, open doors, protect them from the things that are waiting out here for them,” says LaVonté Stewart. “If they get good at baseball, great. If they don't, so what? The goal is that they're champions on and off the field.”

From the court to the classroom
PeacePlayers Brooklyn is offering hope to kids in a place where hope has been in short supply. Young boys and girls in one of New York’s toughest neighbourhood join the programme to play basketball, but through the sport they are provided with a safe space to form relationships, build resilience and confidence and become community leaders. The programme is proof that when young people use sport to tackle inequality, everyone wins.

Reaching higher regardless of ability
At Ich Wil Da Rauf! (“I want to be up there!” In English), young people of a full range of abilities come together to overcome challenges. Not just the dominating walls they climb, but obstacles such as discrimination, isolation and prejudice. The self-belief which comes from being part of a team and the empowerment that comes with achieving what you were told is impossible drives these young people forward. When young people use sport to tackle discrimination, everyone wins.

Changing lives and moulding Olympians
For girls in Kenya’s most dangerous slum, boxing is more than a sport. It’s an opportunity to define your own destiny. This is the story of Christine Ongare, who fought her way from the boxing ring at BoxGirls Kenya to the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. She may not have finished on the podium, but Christine’s story of strength and resilience is proof that when young people use sport to tackle inequality, everyone wins.

In the professional game, there are winners and losers, but when young people use football to tackle discrimination and poverty, Everyone Wins.

Luis Figo, Laureus Academy Member
Laureus: A Sporting Movement With A Purpose
Everyone Wins reflects Laureus’ position as a sporting movement focused on using Sport for Good; celebrating the inspirational power of sport to change lives. The new campaign highlights the role that sport plays in tackling serious societal issues such as violence, inequality and discrimination.
 Laureus: A Sporting Movement With A Purpose
Laureus Sport for Good
Founded in response to Nelson Mandela’s challenge, issued at the first Laureus World Sports Awards in Monaco in 2000, that “sport has the power to change the world”, Laureus Sport for Good uses sport as a tool to help children and young people overcome violence, discrimination and disadvantage in their lives. Since 2000, over 6 million young people have had their lives improved through our work.
Laureus Sport for Good

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